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Crossroads of Health Podcast

Crossroads of Health is always REAL and always UNSCRIPTED.

Achieving better health can often be confusing, and many of us are often left with important questions unanswered.  Crossroads of Health covers different health topics with a highlight on quality science based supplements.  Each podcast focuses on a variety of health concerns including: Heart Health, Joint Health, Adrenal Health, Thyroid function, Men & Women’s Health, and so much more.

Crossroads of Health hosts’ Rick and Melody have a true passion for natural health and science-based supplements.  Rick and Melody hope to arm you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions to better your health.

Occasionally listeners will get a discount code for select products on special.  This discount code allows listeners to enjoy an extra discount off certain products which is in addition to the 10% OFF discount offered at

Don’t let health issues hold you back from living and enjoying life.

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